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The science BIT

"Well, that's what it was bloody well designed to do, wasn't it?”

Frank Whittle
Inventor of the Jet Engine

The science of haycocks

how does haycocks work?

coriander’s amalgamating properties

Juniper may be the most prominent botanical by flavour in gin, but Coriander seed is the arguably the most important, and the one doing all the work as it is one of the amalgamating spices, which help bring flavours together. Not only does it bring together the botanicals in the gin, it also helps the gin to mix well with other drinks.

Basically, coriander has many different flavour characteristics at the same time. It is simultaneously citrussy, earthy, spicy, floral, green, woody and a little fruity and is brilliant at linking together ingredients with any of these characteristics. Haycocks works by using these properties and building on it.

haycocks versatility

versatile by design

When creating Haycocks, we selected a blend of botanicals that were each versatile in their own right, but which also complemented the character of coriander seed. It was also very important to us that each of the botanicals would make any drink more refreshing on their own. These botanicals were macerated in alcohol and redistilled, just like London Dry Gin is made, and finally sweetened, to make a spirit with supreme mixability.

Once our recipe had been finished, we wanted to test out how successful we’d been in our aim of creating a genuinely versatile new spirit, so we started experimenting by mixing Haycock’s with different flavours. We quickly established that it was indeed very versatile, so we decided to put something together to help budding mixologists create new and interesting Haycock’s serves.

The road was long and winding

haycocks flavour pairing wheel

Our Flavour Pairing Wheel shows all the flavours we have so far discovered that go well with Haycock’s. While not completely exhaustive, it does cover most ingredients that are readily available.

We’ve used it to create our signature drinks, and now invite you to embrace the spirit of Haycock’s and be as inventive as you can ~ explore the world of truly unique possibilities that Haycock’s offers.

Haycocks' Flavour Pairing Wheel