matches made in heaven

Even though we made Haycock's to be extremely versatile, we were still a little taken aback by quite how well Haycock's pairs with nearly every single variety of Fentimans.

We thought we'd share our serve suggestions with you.

Ginger Beer - Haycock's & fresh lime

Cherry Cola - Haycock's & fresh lemon

Curiosity Cola - Haycock's & fresh lime

Victorian Lemonade - Haycock's & fresh grapefruit

Rose Lemonade - Haycock's, fresh lemon & grapefruit

Dandelion & Burdock - Haycock's & fresh lemon

Herbal Tonic Water - Haycock's & fresh lime

Tonic Water - Haycock's & fresh lime

Wild English Elderflower - Haycock's & fresh lime

Bitter Lemonade - Haycock's & fresh lemon

Ginger Ale - Haycock's & fresh lemon

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Haycock's at Imbibe 2017

Haycock's will be at Imbibe 2017. Come down and say hello!

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Haycock's at taste of london

Fever Tree and Fentimans will both be serving Haycock's at their stands, so please come down and try!

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haycock's & fever tree aromatic tonic

Haycock's No.9 & Fever Tree's Aromatic Tonic - a match made in heaven?

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Haycocks is delicious with practically the entire Fentiman range. See our recommended serves.

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